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Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal science native to the Indian sub-continent, tells us that food is medicine. The ancient seers studied the properties of substances, including food ingredients, to give us principles of dietetics best suited to our health. This is dependent upon each person’s body-type, classified as vata, pitta and kapha. By eating in accordance with our body-type, we can maintain a healthy body, which in turn has its own correlation with a healthy mind.

The Ayurvedic texts proclaim that habitual intake of cow’s milk cures all diseases, bestows good sleep and lengthens the fountain of youth. A shloka in Sanskrit describes it as “jeevaniyam rasayanam” which means cow’s milk promotes long life and is an ideal rejuvenator.

Let’s understand the composition of milk to realise why we must drink A2 Milk. Consider a glass full of 250gm Milk.

250mL milk contains 80% water and 20% solids. The solids are made up of lactose, fats, minerals and proteins. Since milk is considered as a very good source of protein, let’s know more about the types of proteins found in milk. 80% of milk protein is called casein and the remaining 20% is called whey. There are three types of Casein namely Alpha Casein, Beta Casein and Kappa casein. A2 Milk contains protein in a huge quantity and science says that every protein is chemically a chain of Amino acids. The protein chain of amino acid which contained Beta Casein- had an Amino acid called Proline. Proline is a healthy amino acid which not only adds to health but also prevents us from innumerable diseases.

Let us look at some of the other advantages of consuming A2 milk-

  • It contains Omega3. People who have heart diseases benefit a lot from Omega3. Doctors usually suggest such people to externally consume Omega3 capsules. But this is naturally present in A2 milk and hence the body absorbs it.
  • A2 milk also contains High Density Lipid Protein(HDL) which is also known as good cholesterol.
  • Beta Carotene is also one of the important components present in Milk. This helps increase the height in children and strengthens eye-sight.
  • CLA(Conjugated Linolic Acid) is also one of the components present in A2 Milk. This regulates the level of Blood Sugar and helps our body to easily burn unhealthy fats.
  • Cerebrocites present in A2 milk helps in development of our Brain.

Where to find A2 Milk?

We need not go far abroad to find A2 Milk. A2 milk is what is originally produced by indigenous breed of Indian cows. The indigenous breeds are those who have not gone under any genetic mutation and still have been kept free from cross breeding. Such cows are very less in number in India. We at Atulya Farms have collected such pure breed of Gir cows from interior villages of Gujrat and are on a mission to circulate only A2 milk across the nation.

Milk is an essential food item for all of us. And to consume the best quality milk must be our priority. Due to the shortage of milk in India 1970, huge number of indigenous cows were cross bred to obtain the required amount of milk. This led to a genetic mutation in the cows and hence the milk produced by such cows contain Histidine instead of proline. When such milk goes through digestion, Beta casomorphin is produced. Beta casomorphin or BCM7 is a narcotic and has all the effects of a that any deadly drug has on the human body.

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