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Atulya farms is an initiative of Vedic Foods. The farm boasts of the setup of our original Indian native breeds which are mentioned in our ancient Vedas.  Atulya farms is working with a noble mission of providing 100% natural , chemical free and unadulterated food products to the society.  The  founders have a vision to connect people once again with nature via natural food. For that we opted natural farming using our indian cows. Initially started cow based farming in a group of farmers with FPO and produced few products in group. In 2018 we set up a model farm house at Gurugram, Haryana to provide accessibility & traceability to our customers. The chemical free foods which are high in nutrition are available here. Atulya farms is a one-stop solution for the frequently used dairy items Like : Desi Cow A2 Milk, Buffalo A2 MilK , Butter and Butter milk of Desi cow A2 Milk, Hand Churned Desi Cow A2 Ghee
Don’t believe what is said , come visit us and judge.
To nourish people by offering natural and traditional healthy food in ethical ways
To be remembered as the company that brought people close to the nature via natural food
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