Don't believe what is said , come visit us and judge.

Atulya Farms was started by a passionate farmer, who left his corporate job to follow his calling of going back to the land to produce pure food using sustainable farming practices. Our farm is located in Gwal Pahadi, Gurugram. The milk is produced at our own farm and not aggregated from different farms. Our cows are not given any hormones, antibiotics or drugs. They are fed pesticide free green fodder grown at our own farm, not separated from their calves and encouraged to roam free.


Pedigreed, perfect and pampered, our cross bred Swiss Holstein and Friesian cows are known world- over for their ability to produce high quality milk. Each cow on our farm has her own bed, and is kept in perfect condition. Apart from shady green areas to rest and ruminate, they are kept cool with water sprays and fans. The cows are nurtured and cherished like no other cows in the country. The reason? Contented cows give better milk! This creamier, far more nourishing milk tastes better than anything experienced before.


Sent on its way to customers maintaining absolute purity and keeping the taste and structure of milk intact, it is by far the best milk in India

Knock knock … Pride of Cows is here… milk full of love